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July 3, 2008

Life Is Colourful – $3000+ in prizes!

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I recently stumbled across a great blog called Life is Colourful and soon subscribed. Life is colourful is a fresh site celebrating it’s 1 year anniversary with a contest. This contest has loads of opportunities to enter at no cost! By just subscribing and commenting you can have the chance to win cash via paypal, free links on the highly rated and rich traffic site.
Every entrant wins a free e-book and there’s a high chance that you’ll win one of the great prizes… Enter today =)

Here are the fantastic prizes:
Blogging Tools & Products, Webmaster Resources, Memberships

– A product to help you making money: Super Affiliate Blogger and WordPress Adsense Theme by Easywordpress ($194 value – 2 x $97)
– Two-year subscription to GoStats Pro [One of the web’s leading traffic stats providers] by GoStats ($180 value – 2 x $90)
– Five One-Year VIP Memberships to CreateBanner.com by Xavier Media ($175 value – 5 x $35)
– 100,000 [One hundred thousand] Tnx points by Tnx.net ($125 value)
– Two One-Hour Consultation Sessions by TheUniversiryKid ($100 value – 2 x $50)
– “Building An Internet Business From Scratch – Making $1,000 After 24 Hours” DVD by Marcus Hochstadt ($100 value)
– Two copies of Direct Response Templates for Salesletters and Salesstickies by Carl “Kidblogger” ($74 – 2 x $37)
– Two Copies of “TO DO List Software” by Fruitfultime ($60 value – 2 x $30)
– One 30 minutes of blog consultation by The Net Fool ($40 value)
– Blog Bundle Pack 2 [Specially designed for Bloggers] by 1 Cool File ($20 value)

Cash Prizes

– $30 cash prize by Capitalist Guide ($30 value)
– $25 cash prize by Autoline Reviews ($25 value)
– $25 cash prize by Health and Fitness Center ($25 value)
– $20 cash prize by Leisa Watkins ($20 value)
– $20 cash prize by Travel Tips ($20 value)
– $20 cash prize by New Homes Section ($20 value)
– $20 cash prize by Social Networking Sites ($20 value)
– $20 cash prize by Quality Vista ($20 value)

All prizes shall be given through Paypal

Books and eBooks

– Three copies of “Work Smart, Get Rich!” eBook Donated by The Net Fool ($45 value – 3 x $15)
– Autographed Copy of “The 5 Lessons a Millionaire Taught Me About Life and Wealth” book by Leisa Watkins

Each participant of this contest will get dollar eBook from TheUniversiryKid along with his consultation time.

Advertising Space

– Four 3-months textlink at Life is Colourful ($360 value – 4 x $90)
– Four 3-months textlink at Finance Blog ($180 value – 4 x $45)
– One Greenland Country Ad Space at Buy a Nation ($125 value)
– Full Set of Advertising Space by Roman Dock ($125 value)
Two 125 x 125 ($20 value – 2 x $10)
Three 468×60 ($30 value – 3 x $10)
Five Textlinks ($50 value – 5 x $10)
One Full Review ($25 value)
– Four 3-months 125 x 125 banner slots at Article Rewrite ($120 value)
– Ten Featured Links at Piggy Web Directory ($100 value)
– Ten Textlinks worth $10 bid each at BYDY Link Bid Directory ($100 value)
– Four Express Link Submissions Forever at Mad Mouse Directory ($51.80 value – 4 x $12.95)
– Two Featured Link Submissions for One year at Mad Mouse Directory ($49.90 value – 2 x $24.95)
– One 125 x 125 at Winning the Web by Gyutae Park ($50 value)
– One Full Blog Review at Life is Colourful ($50 value)
– Five Featured Links at Directories.bz ($50 value) * These apply to directory submissions only, Flippable.
– Three Featured Links for Six Months at Massive Net Links Directory ($30 value)
– Three Featured Links for Six Months at Internet Stromer Directory ($30 value)
– Three Featured Links for Six Months at Internet Ahead Directory ($30 value)
– One 125 x 125 at Blogging Fingers ($30 value)
– One 125 x 125 at New Homes Section ($30 value)
– One 125 x 125 at Sueblimely ($30 value)
– One 125 x 125 at Life is Colourful ($30 value)
– One Full Blog Review at Finance Blog ($30 value) * These apply to Finance service reviews, Flippable.
– One 125 x 125 at Dot Com Mogul ($25 value)
– Two 125 x 125 at Vincent ($20 value)
– One Full Blog Review at Lightnings Blog World (value $20)
– One 125 x 125 at The WWW Blog ($15 value)

Entrecard Credits

– 2500 Entrecard Credits by Life is Colourful
– 2000 Entrecard Credits by Sueblimely
– 1000 Entrecard Credits by Lightning Blog World
– 500 Entrecard Credits by Vincent

Total: 6,000

Enter the contest today!

Life Keeps Getting In The Way

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Hey guys (:
I haven’t been blogging.. or online, really for a few months.
I got a job as a hairdresser! For about 2 weeks… Until I saw an offer for another- an office job, yes, but I’ve realized it’s much more rewarding for me.
I had the qualifications so I applied and got the job. I hope to work my way up!

But now I have some weekends free, despite the fact I’m drained most weekdays and want to spend free time with my boyfriend (see below). So I’m trying to earn spare cash here and there… I’m trying to start saving up.

Therefore I’m working on a site called SwatCash where you get paid for completing offers.
Also, you can earn SC and redeem them for prizes and you can play games to earn more SC!

I also checked some of my favourite PTC’s to find $8 in my Adstab balance and $12.83 in my Fox Cash balance. The cashout for both is $10.00 but I have to click every link for 20 more days because on Adstab I need $2 more and on FoxCash they’ve made a new rule that members must click 250 links before they cashout and most of my earnings come from referrals…

I’m gonna give Ximmy a go, too. They pay you to write comments about your favourite sites. Then there is my Triond, which pays me when people look at my articles!

With romantic issues– well the guy Mat I met in May is still the one (: Since our kinda romantic meet-up we’ve been going strong and today is like our two month anniversary or something <33

He persuaded me to go for a more challenging job and I’m so glad he did.

Love, Emma xx

May 20, 2008


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I’ve found a new site called EntreCard which lets others visit my blog and “drop” so they earn credits… this basically shows they’ve visited. With credits you can buy a space on mine or others blogs.

Anyway, it’s a really neat system…

May 19, 2008

Sorry guys!

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I’m sorry I haven’t posted for a while, I was so busy with my birthday and that =(

Basically, it was my birthday on Wednesday and celebrations, and leaving parties got in the way!

Today was also my first “trial day” at my new job (= It was great fun, if not hard work. It’s shocking how badly some people look after their hair! Anyway… I’mma try stick it out. I need a stable job and this is something I want to do! It’s really like a dream come true to me!

Hopefully I can move out of my parents place by the summer… But who knows if I can afford a holiday…. I may not even get this job =(

My parents gave me a great sum of money for a flat deposit, so that’s in the bank, and I’m just over the moon that things are on the right track!

I’ve also been offered my first post with blogsvertise! *happy dance*

May 12, 2008

Buying a Flat/Apartment

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Since I’ve been flat-hunting recently, I thought I’d give you a mini-guide on how to pick an ideal flat or apartment.

Before you set out, make sure you have a list of things you do and don’t want. Decide what things the flat MUST have, what it CAN’T have, what it SHOULD have, and what it SHOULDN’T have. For example, you might say that having a garden is a must, but a nice view out the window is only a nice benefit.

– Don’t view flats by yourself, you might be pressured into buying something you don’t want or signing something

– Take notes, so you can compare after you’ve seen all the prospective flats. If you’re allowed, take photos.

– Check that windows shut & lock properly, that hot and cold water runs properly

– If the flat is furnished, make sure you ask how much of it is included in the price- you might find out too late that there is no bed for you too sleep in!

– Look for bad finishes, open cables etc.

– Take in details like the surroundings. It might be obvious, but if you live next to a railway, you might have trouble sleeping.

– Remember, there are certain things that CAN be fixed. The room’s bright pink? You can certainly fix that.

– Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Don’t be rude, but don’t put off asking vital questions. Are the windows double glazed? etc.

May 11, 2008

Contest Blogger

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Today I came across a site called contest blogger. It is a free forum where members can promote contests on their blogs or sites- and there were some great prizes! I’ll be entering atleast a few, that’s for sure.

Contests are also a great way to get people to subscribe to your blog, and interest visitors- I’ll be holding a giveaway/contest as soon as I have the cash.

Anyway, be sure to check Contest Blogger out, because you could win $$$$ or prizes! Plus, you can promote your own contests there and get traffic to your site!


May 10, 2008

Give For Free

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Please click every day! Each time you click the button on the websites, an animal is fed, a free mammogram is given, or a child is given some teaching equipment…!

That’s only a minute of your time… it could make a world of difference to somebody’s life!
The Animal Rescue Site The Breast Cancer Site The Child Health Site The Literacy Site The Rainforest Site

I’ve been looking for flats

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I’ve been looking for flats online (=

My parents said they’ll be giving me money to get a deposit on a decent place! 😮 I’m over the moon! (: So, I’ve been doing a bit of research online and seeing what sort of place I can afford…

*yawn* I’m really tired, and I’ve been busy… finishing off stuff for university, gathering my stuff together, planning to move, planning for my job training, checking out other opportunities, looking at houses.

Blehhh… I’ve got a headache coming on!

May 8, 2008


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I’ve found a great new site called Ximmy!

What does it do? Well, you can review sites for 10 points each, or add links for 1 point each. At 1000 points, you can be paid $10. If you reach payout before June, you’ll be paid an extra $20, via paypal!

You can easily review 10-20 sites a day- it’ll only take you half an hour to earn 100 points (=

So… if you review 20 sites a day, and submit links… 210 points

If you do that for 10 days, you’ll earn 2100 points…

So, you’ll earn $21! But that’s not all! With the $20 bonus, you’d earn $41 in 10 days for hardly any work!

How do you join?

Just click the banner below (=

May 7, 2008


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Exams, exams…

Don’t you just hate ’em? So, why is the title of this post so cheerful when I’m talking about exams?

A hairdressing salon has replied to me! (= I’ll be doing a trial week in two weeks time, and then after that I will hopefully get to work there full time…

In other good news, it’s my birthday in… 7 days! Hmm… I wonder how I’ll celebrate it?

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